Executive Director

2023 has been an adventure!

I have taught over 3000 university students in my 18-year teaching career. Yet, in February 2023, I sensed it was time to transition from teaching. As of December 2023, I have fully transitioned and now lead Be Reconciled, Inc. full-time as its inaugural Executive Director and Co-Founder.

As you can see, it’s been a busy year.

We have much to do in establishing our vision to provide educational and training resources to help followers of Jesus to love unity, live out reconciliation, and lead the conversations amongst one another. We are starting with the city of Lexington, KY, yet we are confident that this will become a national model for cities all over the United States.

I write today to thank you for your generosity, support, and belief in our vision and to introduce you to what we sense the Lord is doing with us. Please read about our team and learn of our prayer needs. If you can help, let us know. Also, please forward this newsletter to a friend interested in our work.

Thank you,

Dr. Conrad A. Davies

Executive Director

Meet The Team



The beauty of reconciliation has been a story played out in my life. The challenges, the discomforts, and the joy of working through the reconciliation process have felt intuitive to me. However, as I have had the honor of sitting with many of you reading this newsletter, I’ve realized that reconciliation is not something just a few people encounter; it is something we will all face in this life.

The question is not IF we will encounter areas of disunity but HOW we will process these areas of disunity. Specifically, as Bible-believing Christians, God has given us the blueprint to find peace and unity among brothers and sisters in our churches. It is an honor to come alongside fellow believers to walk out biblical reconciliation with them.

Like having puzzle pieces, we have the content; we just need the framework to fill in the pieces, see the clearer picture, and live it out.

Your support, prayers, and engagement with Be Reconciled bring us closer to Jesus’ prayer of oneness (John 17:21) in the body of Christ and experiencing the power of unity among believers in the city of Lexington.



What drew me to BE Reconciled was the journey it teaches and encourages for processing unity and reconciliation as it relates to more than just race. I have always been drawn to organizations that champion unity, reconciliation, and justice. It is a piece of how God has wired me.

I grew up in an area of the US that exhibited blatant hate and racism, which never made sense to me. I grew up in the south, and my county experienced quite the racial cleansing in the early 20th century. News stories, including one from Oprah, and marches were held there in 1987 because only White Americans had lived and still only lived there since 1912. My family moved to this county in 1995, and, when I was in high school in the early 2000s, I heard of where the KKK meetings were still being held.

In the beauty of who God is, I got married to my husband, who is of African, Native American, and Irish descent, in this county that I grew up in, which has made my marriage a picture of the reconciliation and redemption of Jesus. The Davies were a big part of our wedding (Conrad married us, and Kandace was our planner). BE Reconciled even helped my husband and I grow closer in our relationship when we were starting to get to know each other.

I have never understood the hate of racism, and I can only credit this to God’s grace. I have been a part of many multi-ethnic-focused ministries that have had a profound impact on my life and my growth in my relationship with God and with fellow followers of Jesus. Nothing compares to learning about God from a diverse group of people. We have unity because of our bond in Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. The beauty of that is found when we are a reconciled people, who become a testimony to the world.

My hope for Lexington, KY, is for it to stand united. The state of Kentucky has the motto: “United we Stand, Divided we Fall.” I think we can see the enemy’s game plan right there. The people of Lexington can do mighty things as a people united by God. We have a special opportunity to see this happen through the work of BE Reconciled.

Direction of BE Reconciled, Inc

Next Steps

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We currently have a $250,000 budget. We ask you to consider a one-time gift (e.g., $5K, $10K, or $25K) or monthly recurring gifts (e.g., $50, $100, or $200).

We welcome any amount you can give, especially since we receive and steward your faithful treasure. We are eternally grateful for your partnership.

To those who have already given, thank you for your generosity!

Will you pray for us?

We need a spirit of wisdom and revelation (Eph. 1:16-17). We need counsel and might. We need understanding and the fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:3+).

We are undertaking a work bigger than us. We are building an organization already releasing people to live out unity, love reconciliation, and lead the conversations. It’s empowering, yet we are navigating the complexities of the human heart. Our work is not always easy.

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When I started doing “Be Reconciled,” I thought it was just for racial unity.

I am quickly learning that God is using this in every area of my life that has disunity. And it’s not the disunity that is like ‘in my face’ but the stuff I’ve just ignored and kinda hidden away. I haven’t really talked to or hung out with my daddy in YEARS. I reached out to him last week and asked if he would like to take a walk with me. No agenda, just to spend time with him. He was so worried that I wanted to confront him about his shortcomings as a father, but I just wanted time with him. This was NOT true in my heart before “Be Reconciled.” I would have never asked this man (my father) to spend time with me.

Now, my heart is beginning to walk through some disunity in my marriage that has been stuffed away behind taking care of the kids and just all the stuff that can get in the way. Phew.

As I truly submit to the work of the Spirit through Be Reconciled, it is literally bringing unity and peace to my life. 🙌🏽

– J.I.

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